Chicanes are curb extensions that alternate from one side of the street to the other, forming S-shaped curves. Chicanes can also be created by alternating on-street parking, either diagonal or parallel, between one side of the street and the other. Each parking bay can be created either by restriping the roadway or by installing raised, landscaping islands at the ends of each parking bay.

Good for locations where speeds are a problem but noise associated with Speed Humps and related measures would be unacceptable.


  • Chicanes discourage high speeds by forcing horizontal deflection
  • They are easily negotiable by large vehicles (such as fire trucks) except under heavy traffic conditions


  • They must be designed carefully to discourage drivers from deviating out of the appropriate lane
  • Curb realignment and landscaping can be costly, especially if there are drainage issues
  • They may require the elimination of some on-street parking


  • No data has been compiled on the effects of chicanes

Similar Measures:

  • By placing the edge islands opposite each other (without staggering them), you have a Choker

Cost Estimate(s):

  • $14,000 (Sarasota, FL)
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