Re-aligned Intersections

Realigned intersections are changes in alignment that convert T-intersections with straight approaches into curving streets that meet at right-angles. A former “straight-through” movement along the top of the T becomes a turning movement. While not commonly used, they are one of the few traffic calming measures for T-intersections, because the straight top of the T makes deflection difficult to achieve, as needed for Traffic Circles. They are good for T-intersections.


  • Realigned Intersections can be effective reducing speeds and improving safety at a T-intersection that is commonly ignored by motorists


  • The curb realignment can be costly
  • They may require some additional right-of-way to cut the corner


  • No data has been compiled on the effects of realigned intersections

Similar Measures:

  • A T-intersection can also be calmed using a Traffic Circle, but special provisions are needed to ensure that there is horizontal deflection along the top of the T. Either:
    • The curb along the top of the T must be widened to accommodate the circulating lane
    • An approach deflection island must be constructed for vehicles approaching along the top of the T
  • If vertical measures are acceptable, then a T-intersection can be calmed using a Raised Intersection

Cost Estimate(s):

  • varies by curve radii and size of right-of-way acquisition, if required
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