Textured Pavement

Textured and colored pavement includes the use of stamped pavement or alternate paving materials to create an uneven surface for vehicles to traverse. They me be used to emhasize either an entire intersection or a pedestrian crossing, and are sometimes used along entire street blocks.

Textured pavements are good for “main street” areas where there is substantial pedestrian activity and noise is not a major concern.


  • Textured Pavements can reduce vehicle speeds over an extended length
  • If designed well, they can have positive aesthetic value
  • Placed at an intersection, they can calm two streets at once


  • They are generally expensive, varying by materials used
  • If used on a crosswalk, they can make crossings more difficult for wheelchair users and the visually impaired


  • No data has been compiled on the effects of textured pavements

Similar Measures:

Cost Estimate(s):

  • Varies by materials used and the amount of area covered
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