Full Closures

Full street closures are barriers placed across a street to completed close the street to through-traffic, usually leaving only sidewalks open. They are good for locations with extreme traffic volume problems and several other measures have been unsuccessful.


  • Full Closures are able to maintain pedestrian and bicycle access
  • They are very effective in reducing traffic volume


  • They require legal procedures for street closures (in California – varies by state)
  • They cause circuitous routes for local residents and emergency services
  • They may be expensive
  • They may limit access to businesses


  • Average of 44% decrease in traffic volume, or a decrease of 671 vehicles per day (from a sample of 19 sites)

Similar Measures:

  • By opening the street only for incoming traffic, you have a Half Closure
  • By placing a barrier lengthwise along the center of a street past a side street, you have a Median Barrier
  • By placing the barrier diagonally through an intersection, you have a Diagonal Diverter

Cost Estimate(s):

  • $120,000 (Seattle, WA)
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